Our Benefits

Study approval from RA may be issued in the shortest period compared with other countries in EU or US, which is a huge advantage for you to start a clinical trial in the shortest period and to reach study goals and deliverables in time; Study approval is an umbrella for Study Drug importation. Import/Export license is not required in Georgia.

Subject recruiting is the backbone of any clinical trial. Our subject recruiting strategies have come a long way over the years. Careful selection of each site and also subjects’ careful selection increases retention and compliances rates.

In Georgia we perform clinical trials in all therapeutic areas, including rare diseases. There is a pool of biologically naïve patients in Georgia, that’s very important, as the biologically naïve patients are very difficult to recruit throughout US or Europe. The population is eager to receive treatment within clinical trials. There is a good healthcare infrastructure with well-equipped hospitals, and Centralized Healthcare System with a good referral system of patients.